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Lite-up Play (sound by JBL) - Ocean Blue

Lite-up Play (sound by JBL) - Ocean Blue

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Elevate your Canadian abode with the Lite-up Play Ocean Blue, a speaker lamp that epitomizes Nordic elegance and incorporates the unparalleled sound quality of JBL. This Scandinavian-inspired design not only provides adjustable warm white lighting to create the perfect ambiance but also doubles as an acoustical centerpiece. Its pure, smooth contours make the Lite-up Play a striking addition to any room, with a wooden handle that's been carefully shaped to ensure ease of transport and comfort in handling.

The lamp's brass detailing adds a refined touch to its overall appearance, exuding a sense of upscale sophistication. Bluetooth connectivity allows you to pair the lamp with your devices effortlessly, inviting you to lose yourself in a superior auditory experience provided by JBL's advanced audio technology. Designed to cater to a variety of moods and settings, from tranquil and soothing to vibrant and cheerful, the Lite-up Play Ocean Blue lights up any space with a captivating ambiance.

Standing at a stately height of 40 cm and a width of 29 cm, this lamp is constructed with eco-friendly materials, including an FSC-certified wooden handle, a white HDPE lampshade, and a soft-touch TPU base. Equipped with a 10 Watt JBL speaker and Bluetooth for True Wireless Stereo (TWS) sound, it is dimmable, rechargeable, and conveniently portable for both indoor and outdoor enjoyment. With up to 18 hours of battery life and a light temperature of 3000 Kelvin, the Lite-up Play Ocean Blue is poised to transform your listening and lighting experience.



  • Height - 15.7" / 40 cm
  • Width - 11.4" / 29 cm
  • Weight - 4.4 lbs / 2 kg


  • FSC-certified wooden handle
  • Wooden feet with rubber pads
  • White HDPE lampshade
  • Soft touch TPU base

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Lite-up Play Mini LED Lamp and Bluetooth Transmitter by JBL

Dimensions & Materials

11.4" x 11.4" x 15.7" / 29 x 29 x 40 cm

4.4 lbs / 2 kg

FSC-certified wooden handle

Wooden feet with rubber pads

White HDPE lampsahde

Soft touch TPU base

Lite-up Play Mini LED Lamp and Bluetooth Transmitter by JBL

Speaker & Battery

Sound by JBL

10 Watt Full Range speaker

Up to 18 Hours Battery Life

3.5 hours Charging Time

Lite-up Play Mini LED Lamp and Bluetooth Transmitter by JBL

LED & Charging

USB-C type charging port

Charging cable included

3000 Kelvin

1.5 Watt LED

Sound by JBL

JBL has established itself as a leading force in the audio industry, earning acclaim for its exceptional sound quality that resonates with both audiophiles and everyday listeners. The brand's dedication to precise, innovative sound production has solidified its standing as a top name in audio excellence.

With JBL, every nuance in music is captured – from the rich depths of bass to the clear mids and sharp highs. This meticulous attention to sound detail ensures that each song is an immersive experience. Integrating JBL's sound technology into products such as the Lite-up Play by kooduu signifies a commitment to outstanding audio performance and quality, making it a benchmark in the realm of acoustic engineering.

A stylish LED speaker lamp with a warm, ambient glow, featuring a golden handle, sits on a wooden table beside a stack of books and a clear vase with greenery, against a dark textured sofa backdrop.

Lite-up Play by kooduu

Set the Mood

This elegant speaker lamp masterfully combines serene mood lighting with JBL's vibrant sound quality. Its sleek, refined appearance emits a warm, white light that can be adjusted to create the perfect atmosphere for any event or setting.

A modern white LED speaker lamp with a chic ivory handle, positioned on a round wooden coffee table near an amber glass vase with sprigs, complementing a tan leather couch in a cozy living room setting.


Featuring top-tier JBL audio, the Kooduu Lite-up Play is a versatile speaker lamp designed for portability across various environments. Its compact design and rechargeable battery offer easy mobility, allowing you to relish in the rich, superior sound quality in any location. The handcrafted FSC-certified wooden handle adds to its charm, making it more than just a portable lamp; it's a gateway to JBL's outstanding audio in your home, garden, patio, or during outdoor adventures. Ideal for creating a warm, inviting atmosphere, the Lite-up Play elevates any area into a haven of auditory delight.

Two glowing LED speaker lamps, one larger and one smaller, with elegant bronze handles, on a wooden table, providing a soft, ambient light beside a decorative vase with branches, in a stylish living room.


Experience the perfect fusion of light and audio with the Kooduu Lite-up Play. This adaptable LED lamp and Bluetooth speaker combination from JBL allows you to customize your surroundings, whether you're reading under its cozy light with gentle music playing, or listening to your preferred podcast. With its inviting LED illumination and superior sound quality, the Lite-up Play is an essential companion for various activities and special moments.

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