Collection: Sound by JBL

The Lite-up Play series, including the Lite-up Play and Lite-up Play Mini by kooduu, are speaker lamps that offer an ideal fusion of inviting mood lighting and superior JBL audio performance. These Scandinavian-designed lamps emit a warm, white light that can be tailored to your lighting needs. Their sleek, soft design, characterized by a comfortable wooden handle with rounded edges, ensures portability and ease of use. The lamps are further accented with sophisticated brass details for a touch of luxury.

Easily pair these speaker lamps with any Bluetooth-enabled device to experience outstanding sound quality. Perfect for creating the right atmosphere for relaxation or enjoyment, the Lite-up Play series by kooduu not only lights up your space with a captivating luminance but also envelopes you in the richness of high-fidelity sound crafted by JBL's esteemed audio technology.